Member Code of Conduct

1. Membership role

  • contribute actively to all aspects of your role as a member

  • exercise due care, diligence and skill

  • make decisions fairly and impartially considering all available information, legislation, policies and procedures

  • make reasonable enquiries to remain properly informed

  • endeavour to understand the financial, strategic and other implications of decisions

  • act in a financially responsible manner

2. Behaviour as a member

  • act at all times with honesty and integrity and in the best interests of NESS

  • not make improper use of your membership to gain advantage for you or any other person

  • treat members and others you deal with through NESS with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests, rights, safety and welfare

  • not harass, bully or discriminate against NESS members, employees or members of the public

  • contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive environment and culture in NESS

3. Privacy and confidentiality

  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of all information relating to members including their contact information

  • not disclose official information or documents acquired as a member unless required to do so by law or a decision of the Committee

  • not make any unauthorised public statements regarding NESS

  • ensure information gained as a member is only applied to proper purposes

4. Conflicts of interest

  • adhere to NESS’s Conflicts of Interest policy as adopted and amended from time to time

  • disclose any personal or business interests which may give rise to actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest

  • not allow personal or financial interests, or the interests of any associated person, to conflict with the interests of NESS

  • where conflicts of interest do arise, ensure they are openly declared in a timely manner and managed in the public interest

  • ensure you decline all gifts or favours that may cast doubt on or affect your ability to apply independent judgment as a member

5. Taking responsibility

  • contribute in a constructive, courteous and positive way to enhancing good governance and the reputation of NESS

  • report improper conduct or misconduct which has been or may be occurring in NESS to the appropriate person(s)

6. Inclusiveness

  • support NESS’s key purposes

  • demonstrate respect for pluralism and diversity in all your actions