Resources and links

13 July 2022:

Sweden and Finland’s NATO Aspirations Put Kurds at Risk

Article in the Australian Institute of International Affairs’ journal ‘Australian Outlook’ by Dr Helena Grunfeld and Fionn Skiotis, NESS Co-Chairs

3 April 2022:

NESS webinar: What is Democratic Confederalism?

NESS co-founder Mitchel Fielding’s presentation on democratic confederalism.

28 March 2022:

New Australian group formed to support AANES

Interview with NESS Co-Chair Fionn Skiotis for Medya News

What Happens in Kurdistan?

Formation of NESS announced on Medya Haber TV’s Kurdistan news update (at 4.45min)

27 March 2022:

Rojava: Peoples in Arms

A new book published by RiseUp4Rojava (follow above link or download here)

17 March 2022:

New group to provide aid and support to North and East Syria / Rojava

Media Release by NESS Co-Chair Fionn Skiotis

6 November 2021:

A new governance and economic model in practice: Rojava’s Social and Solidarity Economy

Presentation to the 2021 Annual Conference of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) by NESS Co-Chairs Dr Helena Grunfeld and Fionn Skiotis