What can we do?

The people of NES face occupation and daily attacks from Turkey’s military and its proxies; responsibility for refugees, Islamic State prisoners and family members and large numbers of gravely wounded; a lack of international recognition and aid; and now the added challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.

Under such immense pressure, how can we show NES and its grassroots democracy our solidarity and support?

  • NES Solidarity fundraises and gathers humanitarian aid, including medical supplies and equipment, to send to the appropriate bodies in NES for distribution and use
  • We work to build close ties between NES groups and their counterparts in Australia, including professional, cultural, educational, sporting and other groups
  • We raise awareness about NES, its history, needs, challenges and achievements, with specific groups and communities and with the general public
  • We advocate for NES – for the systematic provision of humanitarian aid and for appropriate recognition of AANES as an autonomous political entity

You can:

  • Sign up to receive periodic updates about campaigns alerts, urgent appeals and new projects and activities
  • Donate to our fundraising appeals
  • Get involved in building links with NES through your own organisation, club or municipality


  • Join as a member and get involved in our advocacy, awareness raising and other campaigns (membership is free and open to anyone across Australia who supports our Purposes)
  • Join the NESS Committee to steer and grow the organisation’s solidarity work